Caesura - The power of creation
Caesura - The power of creation


Busy times in the studio.

The lack up updates does not mean we’ve been lazy. Both studios have been up n running and in the near future you’ll be able to hear several new releases from Leon Music Studios.  Lancer, Eyes Wide Open, Sparzanza, Mustasch, Days of Jupiter and Heavy Tiger. Starting off with the brand new single ”Midnight Runner” from Mustasch, release date oct 4th. Co written, co produced and mixed by Rikard at Leon Music.

Misc news!

It’s been busy times here at Leon Music Studios. Rikard Löfgren and Gustav Ydenius produced the upcoming new album from Sister Sin. Rickard Engborg produced the new Durango Riot album Face which is out now, mixed at Leon Music Studios. Gustav produced and mixed the new upcoming album from Lancer. Rikard has just finished the upcoming album from Billion Dollar Babies.

Sparzanza #10!

The brand new album ”Circle” from Sparzanza is currently #10 on the Swedish Album chart.

Mustasch hits the chart!

The brand new album from Mustasch entered this weeks album chart at position #5 (#1 on the hard rock chart). The album entitled ”Thank you for the demon” is produced by Rikard Löfgren & Gustav Ydenius at Leon Music Studios.

Here are some fine reviews of the album:







Right now we’re producing a new album with Swedish rock band Mustasch. It will be a killer album so stay tuned.

Junkstars single release!

Junkstars will release their new single ”First time I heard The Clash” on August 9. The song will be premiered on Bandit Rock on August 8.


The new album will be released the 4th of September by Despotz Records, produced by Rikard Löfgren & Gustav Ydenius at Leon Music Studios. Songs co-written by Rikard Löfgren.


If you like brutal music check out the link below. We just finished an ep with the Norwegian band ”Englemaker”. https://www.facebook.com/englemaker/app_204974879526524

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